Five Reasons Why Stella McCartney Is The Internet’s Most-Searched Fashion Personality

Liz Doupnik

British Fashion Awards 2012 - Awards Room

We’ve often wondered what it would take to be one of the most searched celebs in cyberspace. Stella McCartney apparently knows what it takes, having scored the top spot in Google UK’s list of most researched fashion-related subjects in 2012,  reported Vogue UK, beating out the likes of collab-crazy Karl Lagerfeld and Versace. Here, we break down five factors that could have propelled McCartney to number one.

  1. The 2012 Olympics: The woman behind the uniforms for Great Britain’s Olympic team, Stella instantly became part of conversations leading up to the event with her controversial interpretation of the Union Jack.
  2. British Fashion Awards: McCartney walked away with 2012’s Designer of the Year honor at the British Fashion Awards (basically the Oscars of British fashion)
  3. High-profile friends (and one of 2012’s most photographed dresses): It doesn’t hurt to have an ex-Beatle in your bloodline or celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr wearing your designs on and off the red carpet. Plus, Stella’s polka-dot Lucia dress was one of the year’s most photographed items, with countless celebs wearing it to events (most notably, Kate Winslet), and tons of magazines using it in editorials.
  4. Her admirable ethics: It’s been a big year for all things vegan, especially in fashion. McCartney has long championed animal-friendly materials, she’s an active member of PETA, and often speaks out against animal cruelty.
  5. Other ventures: She may not be Lagerfeld, but McCartney has certainly launched—and maintained—multiple projects apart from her main line, such as her collaboration with Adidas, and a premiere kidswear line.