8 Reality TV Shows That Don’t Exist—But Totally Should!

Meghan Blalock

The reality TV industry is already more than successful, with more than enough shows to waste hours on hours watching. There’s just something about them–that element of voyeurism you can’t get when you watch scripted shows. And yet, we can’t help but feel there’s a few missing from the cache.

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Read on for our top eight reality shows we wish would be made. Take heed, Bravo!

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1. “Celebrity Homewreckers”
Pretty much everyone has a “freebie” celebrity who, if you ever had the opportunity, you could hook up with free of consequence from your significant other. This reality show would put that hypothetical to a real-life test; normal people in committed relationships would be placed in a bar where their celebrity crushes would proposition them. The cameras would roll as the will (or lack thereof) of the normal person is put to a real trial in the presence of people like (for example): Ryan Gosling, Megan Fox, and Jon Hamm. Think: a combination between “Cheaters” and “Punk’d.”


2. “Let Me Be Your Wingman”
This one would be a dating show where guy friends coach their best female friends before going on first dates. Maybe an earpiece could be involved, too.

wingman 8 Reality TV Shows That Dont Exist—But Totally Should!

3. “True Life: I’m Auditioning for Broadway”
This one is self-explanatory: a program about having musical theater people vie for spots in every single Broadway show. “I want to see every audition, every casting session, every call back, every rehearsal, every opening night, and every backstage feud,” StyleCaster Senior Editor Perrie Samotin says. We want to see all of that, too.

broadway 8 Reality TV Shows That Dont Exist—But Totally Should!

4. “Ball Battle”
It boggles our minds why no reality show yet exists where vogue houses face-off in one-on-one ballroom competitions. We’re talking the “American Idol” of the world depicted in 1990 documentary “Paris Is Burning.”

vogueing 8 Reality TV Shows That Dont Exist—But Totally Should!

5. “The Other Side of the Red Carpet”
This would be a reality show that chronicles the incredibly dramatic, cut-throat world of red carpet reporters. From the photographers who are reading to slice throats to get the perfect shot to magazine writers who push their way to the front of the ropes to make sure they get the first interview—it’s a completely crazy world worth watching.

red carpet

6. “Keeping Up With KimYe”
All right, all right—we know Kanye West is infamously camera-shy, and that this will probably never happen, but who wouldn’t want to watch this? After all, according to Vogue at least, they are the world’s most talked about couple.

kimye1 8 Reality TV Shows That Dont Exist—But Totally Should!


7. “Instagram’s Yoga Stars”
You may not know this, but there are a ton of yoga stars made famous via the photos and videos they post to Instagram depicting the insane yoga poses they’re capable of doing. They have partnerships with brands like Lululemon and Skype, and it turns from a hobby into a very lucrative career. We’d like a peek behind the curtain of their lives.

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8. “Highly Unlikely Animal Friendships”
How does it come to be that a puppy can be a best friend with a monkey? This show would take a behind-the-scenes peek into the oddest (and, of course, cutest) animal couplings out there. You might say “That’s what YouTube is for!,” but YouTube can’t offer this in 30-minute-long feasts, complete with plot and background music.

cleardot 8 Reality TV Shows That Dont Exist—But Totally Should!bunny and cat snuggle 8 Reality TV Shows That Dont Exist—But Totally Should!