Real Housewives of Altanta Recap


Belly-dancing classes, Minx manicures, hit songs, wig lines and chardonnay at lunch: the Real Housewives of Atlanta really know how to live it up. Well, there’s also the snarky stripper and crackwhore comments, and the spreading rumors of bounced checks, but that’s just good television. Seriously, if it weren’t for this show I might never make it through my workouts on the elliptical at the gym. But the housewives are there for me, they help me through. These ladies are just natural-born entertainers.


And in last night’s episode, NeNe seems to think she is a natural-born director as well, since she assumed that role for the Alter Ego photo shoot with Derek Blanks, and proceeded to cast the housewives accordingly. Her vision for the photo shoot involved Kandi as a bride (she is engaged to AJ, after all), but a “‘hood” one. It’s the housewives’ shenanigans such as this one that has always prompted laughter and shakes of the head, but throughout the episode, we find out that AJ’s nephew and cousins had been in a near-fatal car accident, dropping a serious and sad bomb on an otherwise outrageous show.

The episode is comes to a nice little close with NeNe stripping, yes, stripping at Atlanta’s Magic City strip club. No, you don’t see EVERYTHING, but anything is too much.