Ready, Set, Shop! Your Ultimate Guide To 50 Major Black Friday Sales

Emily Barnes

Love it or loathe it, Black Friday is the one day where it’s perfectly acceptable to unleash your inner shopping monster. Whether you’re stocking up on holiday presents, or treating yourself to some retail therapy, it to pays to have a game plan because—without some tactical thinking—things can get seriously overwhelming.

To help tame the madness, we’ve compiled a comprehensive—and we mean comprehensive!—guide to 50 Black Friday deals. Here, you can find not only the scoop on the sales themselves, but also the answers to key questions like: How long does each deal last? Which sales are in-store only? Do I get any free gifts?

From nation-wide stores and high-street retailers like Target and H&M, to fashion and beauty websites like Urban Decay and Piperlime, there are seemingly endless bargains to be had. Even better, certain brands’ social media pages are posting deals as well, so it’s impossible not to be fully informed. With our guide, hopefully you’ll glean some much-needed insight as you navigate the all-consuming (literally!) oasis that is Black Friday. Best of luck, brave shoppers!