Ray J Releases Shameless “I Hit It First” Video with Kim Kardashian Lookalike

Spencer Cain


Well, this is just utterly embarrassing. R&B singer Ray J, who infamously helped Kim Kardashian skyrocket to stardom thanks to their sex tape, has just released the video for his new single “I Hit It First.” In case you haven’t heard the song, it blatantly alludes to Kardashian with vulgar lyrics discussing the sex tape, including a line that states, “Now baby chose to West”—a reference to Kanye West, her boyfriend and the father of her soon-to-arrive baby.

The video features a model who’s a dead ringer for Kardashian, and even features Ray J and the Kardashian doppelganger filming a home movie on a bed. The model is also channeling Kardashian’s style (or at least how she looked back in 2007), wearing a sleek bandage dress with Christian Louboutin stilettos. At the end of the video, Ray J watches the starlet on a reality show, rolls his eyes, and smirks.

Regardless of whether the video was meant to be in good fun, we think it’s in rather poor taste, and seems like a pretty blatant play for publicity from a singer who’s fallen out of the spotlight.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think—did Ray J take it too far?