Rashida Jones’ Scolds Fellow Female Celebrities for ‘Acting like Whores’

Valeria Nekhim


Rashida Jones‘ quirky-meets-classic aesthetic has made her a bonafide “It girl” in sartorial and acting circles. Rarely does the 37-year-old “Parks And Recreation” actress look anything but chic, and she’s certainly never been one to get mired in controversy—until now.

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Jones took to Twitter this weekend to express her outrage at the recent influx of celebrities posting borderline pornographic semi-naked pictures on their social media pages.

Jones didn’t name names, but it’s safe to assume she was reacting to the recent celebrity over-sharing—from Nicki Minaj sharing her pasty-covered breasts with her Instagram followers, Kim Kardashian‘s side-boob and side-butt revealing bikini selfie on Twitter, and Miley Cyrus continuing to be, well, Miley Cyrus.

Jones certainly isn’t the first woman to speak out about the too-sexy pics: 46-year-old Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor‘s and 58-year-old Annie Lennox of Eureythmics fame both recently took jabs at Cyrus’ risqué behavior. However, she certainly brings a fresh voice and ample street cred to the mix, and we have to admit we’re a little glad that she’s calling attention to the issue. After Cyrus’s Terry Richardson shoot, it’s easy to feel like things are starting to get a little out of hand.

Jones followed up her initial tweet by urging these women to truly consider the effects of their actions.

And in an effort to lighten up the mood, the funny gal concluded with a tweet aimed at men.


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What do you think: Has the sexy selfie phenomenon gone too far? Or should they be able to flaunt what they’ve got?