Thug Life: Tupac & Gianni Versace Were Fashion BFFs [Video]

Spencer Cain

sipausa 6.00289193000002 690x470 Thug Life: Tupac & Gianni Versace Were Fashion BFFs [Video]

Earlier today, we reported that the amazing video of Snoop Dogg and Karl Lagerfeld gallivanting around Saint-Tropez like giddy schoolgirls to crappy techno was finally here. And now, we have some other news with regards to strange friendships between gangster rappers and flamboyant fashion designers.

As of late, record executive and hip-hop impresario Suge Knight has been making a bizarre press tour proclaiming to multiple radio stations that the late, great Tupac Shakur was homophobic and stated that he ended a professional relationship with another rapper after Suge told him he was gay. Suge, Tupac is resting in peace, so why do you have to make aggressive claims about him? He isn’t even here to defend himself! Well, I guess his hologram is, but regardless.

Anyway, family members close to Tupac are actually jumping to his defense and saying that there is no way Tupac could have been homophobic — because he was incredibly close friends with the late Gianni Versace. What in the hell?

Now obviously, I think this is awesome that Pac was a gay-friendly gangster, however I just have to wonder what these two had in common. I guess Versace’s outlandish style (categorized by bold prints and jewelry) isn’t too different from Pac’s. Also, he walked in a Versace show in Italy back in 1996 — and I found a clip of it which you can watch below.

Well, whatever the truth is, we know at least that the two legends are resting in peace.


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