A Rant–Bear With Me


I have this thing with romantic comedies and chick flicks. I love them. And not with any sense of irony, either. I love them wholeheartedly and unashamedly. I love them so much that there is rarely one that releases that I can resist seeing in the movie theatres. I mean, I couldn’t even wait for the DVD of that terrible Kate Hudson movie, “Fool’s Gold,”–I had to pay the $12+ or whatever it costs these days to see it on the big screen. I know, I know–bad taste, waste of money, etc, etc. I just can’t help myself.

That’s why this past Saturday afternoon found me firmly planted in the fifth row of my local Chelsea theatre, tub of hot popcorn and Diet Coke in hand, ready and raring to see “The Women,” starring Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Annette Bening, and Eva Mendes. Now there’s a chick flick if I’ve ever seen one–I loved every cheesy minute of it. Except…..for one small(ish) detail that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

You see, Annette Bening plays the quintessential stylish New York City career woman. She’s made it to the top of her field, as editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine. She’s immaculately groomed, perfectly poised, and dressed to a tee in every single scene. Also, she’s close to 40 years old, and single–something not uncommon in these circles. Until, that is, the very end of the movie when the audience sees her in a dumpy plaid coat, weird beret, and jeans. Also, her hair is suddenly a mousy shade of brown instead of the carefully highlighted blonde she sports in the beginning of the film. “Hmmmm,” I mused, munching on a handful of popcorn, “why the sudden frumpiness?” Oh, and I was soon to find out.

“I’ve quit my job!” Bening’s character announces to a table of friends, “And I’m actually dating someone!”

“Hmmmm,” I mused, shoveling popcorn into my mouth at an increasingly alarming rate, “She was stunning, successful, and single, and now she’s mousy, unemployed, and dating. What kind of horrific message is this sending?!?”

Seriously. It’s shocking to think that some people are still of the belief that in order to maintain a loving relationship, a woman has to play down her career and become a dowdy housewife type. Why couldn’t she at least have kept her great hair color?! And her Hermes bag?? Or better yet, why couldn’t she just have it all? Is that so hard to imagine?

What are your thoughts on this conundrum?