Cutest Video Ever: Rescue Dogs Model Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2013 Accessories

Meghan Blalock

If there’s one thing fashionistas love more than fashion, it’s dogs. Designer Ralph Lauren displays an acute awareness of this fact with his newest ad campaign, “Dog Walk,” which features pups that were rescued from poor living conditions and dressed up in accessories from Lauren’s Fall 2013 collection.

Lauren worked with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and chose 10 (extremely lucky, we might add) dogs from shelters across the country to feature alongside models wearing the fall collection. And although this was probably not the designer’s desired effect, the dogs totally steal the show from the accessories—they ride inside leather bags, walk alongside the models, and sit front seat for a brisk bicycle ride through the city. They quickly make it clear that they are the hottest accessories around.

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An added charity bonus: until Nov. 15, if you buy anything from the accessories collection, 10% of your purchase goes straight to the ASPCA, which works to make sure dogs, cats, and animals everywhere have safe, nourishing environments to call home.

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And, there’s a happy ending: According to the ASPCA Web site, all of the dogs featured in the clip have since found permanent homes!

Watch the charming clip above, then head over to the ASPCA to learn more about adopting your own little bundle of joy!