Raj Silk Chiffon Tie Dye Felted Scarf


Object Of Desire

Raj Silk Chiffon Tie Dyed Felted Scarf, $78.00 at intermixonline.com

Reason #1

This gloomy June weather has barely given us a reason to store our rain coats and scarves away, but a little splash of color can at the very least restore our moods.

Reason #2

Summer scarves are an important outfit feature. If you feel your look isn’t unique enough, the bright colors in this chiffon scarf will give your outfit an immediate makeover. A simple piece of cloth to take you from boring to chic, how easy is that?

Reason #3

If you’re not into the watermelon theme the displayed scarf above presents, fear not, it also comes in yellow and red, as well as in orange and pink…. and at $78.00 you can even buy all three!