Rag & Bone Co-Founder on His Sexy Menswear Collection

Hanah Snavely


Former Rag & Bone founding partner Nathan Bogle has finally struck out on his own, launching Jardine, his first line since leaving the It-label back in 2006. His latest turn as designer is decidedly more reserved take than projects past, moving away from the overly-saturated ‘heritage’ market and taking on a clear, less-is-more approach. Jardine’s focus is on expert tailoring and a timeless, stripped-down take on contemporary sportswear. The result is a cohesive fall collection packed with crisp button-ups, cozy knitwear, perfect tees, and modern outerwear crafted from luxe wools, leather, cotton, and cashmere.  Considering that 95% of the collection is made in the US, the price point is more than fair.

We caught up with Nathan to talk shop, bash heritage (finally!), and daydream about a post-fashion life tilling soil in Italy.


StyleCaster: Why did you start Jardine?
Nathan Bogle: I had a brand aesthetic circulating in my mind for a while, but officially created Jardine in January 2012. I started it because I couldn’t find the kind of product that I liked at the right price and style.

What are you doing with Jardine that you weren’t able to do at Rag & Bone?
Executing ideas that are purely mine. It’s creatively liberating.

Who did you have in mind when you designed the debut collection?
My friends and downtown New York City guys.


What’s trending in menswear right now? Are you on board?
Tailoring and transitioning away from heritage. Yes we are!

Do you remember the first time you sold something? 
It felt great. It’s the ultimate experience one wants when designing because you receive the customer’s validation, which is why I do this — it’s all about the customer.

What’s the most difficult thing about doing what you do?
It’s not a single thing, it’s the entire management of the myriad of things it takes to produce a line. It’s like a long row of spinning plates that all have to rotate at the same speed at the same time and sing together in a harmonious delivery of beautiful products without any flaws … every season. That and stress management!

What have you been wearing nonstop lately?
My black leather cafe jacket — it’s our bestseller, too.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing?
Organic farming in Italy.


You can shop the  Fall 2013 collection at jardinedesign.com, Blue & Cream, and thecools.com.