Radiohead’s In Rainbows 2 Available Now


Radiohead is now releasing their album In Rainbows 2 to supplement their 2007 In Rainbows album. Originally, this second album was limited to release only through the “In Rainbows” box set. In Rainbows 2 is available for $9.55 instead of the “name your price” approach used on In Rainbows.

I hope this post is making a little sense. In Rainbows versus In Rainbows 2 is like when someone is called “Jacob Michaels the second” but is third generation, and then there’s probably a “Jacob Michaels Jr.” somewhere in the lineage, which means there has to be a “Jacob Michaels Sr.” in there too… I forget where I’m going with this… Soooo yeah…. Trailing off…

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