Racy Responsibility: The Lingerie Debate

Liz Doupnik

hello kitty bra and panties1 Racy Responsibility: The Lingerie DebateWe’ll let you into a little secret: we have a minor addiction to lingerie. Truth be told, it’s something that makes us feel a little special throughout the day — knowing we’re sporting some sick panties for our eyes only. We like to think of it as a rite of passage: buying that first fancy pair of panties or that bra is an awesome little treat as we progress from training bras to cotton staples to the world of fantasy. But then, we got wind of the fact that Hello Kitty is entering the underwear game (again).

We recently wrote about the age conspiracy of models and the debate over Terry Richardson’s provocative photos. So, what do we think about infamously notorious girly cartoons adorning some pretty adult undies? We’re not totally sure. We’ll admit it, we definitely have our moments of loving a cute stuffed animal or some Hello Kitty memorabilia, but we’re also adults who grew up with it. What about our little sisters who are not quite ready to be rocking racy underwear – is this sending conflicting messages?

Kids today are surrounded by media from every angle, to the point that it’s unavoidable. Whether it’s another singer wearing next to nothing or a suggestive photoshoot, there’s a lot out there they can access just by clicking a button on their phone, iPad, computer, TV and the list goes on and on. But, just because it’s out there, should we be promoting it?

Where does the fashion industry’s responsibility end and the parents’ obligation begin? Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below!