Rachel Zoe Talks Custom Oscar Gowns And Her Astronomical Fee


Say what you will about Anne Hathaway’s hosting gig at the OscarsI’m keeping my opinion to myselfbut you can’t deny that she looked stunning throughout the entire show. This is due in large part to Rachel Zoe. Anne’s eight looks, which included Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta and Armani Priv, were mostly custom made, and the stylist kept things interesting by pulling a very diverse assortment. The Lanvin tux? I died.

Entertainment Weekly chatted with the very pregnant Rachel, who shared the details of living out her ultimate fashion fantasy and playing “dress-up” with one of her favorite clients. It seems that one of the biggest challenges the team faced was the fact that Anne was constantly moving around and dancing, which limited her options immensely. “But theres fashion and theres, okay, I dont want her to fall,” Rachel said, before discussing Anne’s custom-made Brian Atwood shoes that were designed to be easy to walk in.

Of course, EW addressed that pesky rumor about the stylist’s “astronomical fees,” which she immediately shot down. “Its just classic ridiculousness. I have no idea who would ever know that and why they would say that. It just seems so silly. Its nobody elses business.”

Look, hiring Hollywood’s top stylist is probably super expensive, but it should be. All of the Oscar prep likely took Team Zoe weeks of strategizing, fittings, correspondence and communication with designers through all hours of the night. We’re talking serious stress here! Plus, there aren’t many people on the planet who have Mr. Armani on speed dial, so with Rachel, at least you get the attention and access that you pay for. I can’t really fathom how she handled dressing the Oscar co-host during her third trimester, but at least she’ll be able to make a hefty deposit into the baby’s college fund.

Check out the full story for more details, and for some extra fun, try to count how many times Rachel says “moment” during the interviewI wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being her baby’s first word.

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