Rachel Zoe Says ‘No’ To Jennifer Garner In Maternity Clothes

Spencer Cain

Even though she’s about to be a mother thrice times over, Jennifer Garner is not getting any sympathy from her pin-thin stylist, Rachel Zoe. The actress told InStyle that Rachie “is determined to not put me in maternity clothes. I think because she was so little when she was pregnant, she didn’t wear them.”

However, she’s worried that “The Zoe” will eventually have to suck it up and break out the muumuus. “I have four months to go. Sooner or later, she is going to have to put me in a maternity dress. Eventually that is going to happen, but so far she has gotten her way.” As any devoted viewer of The Rachel Zoe Project can attest to, I’m pretty sure Rachel always gets her way.

Still, I think she should be a little more sympathetic. After all, not everyone can throw on a pair of leather leggings, a belt under their invisible baby bump, a Balmain jacket, and six inch hooker heels and look totally rockstar f*cking fabulous while nine months pregnant. If there’s anything that proves that Zoe is superhuman, it’s this — and the fact that she’s the only person that we know that was more worried her hair after her water broke than she was about accidentally delivering her baby amidst her immaculate white-on-white designer bathroom.

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