Rachel Zoe To Redbook Ladies: Skip Sneakers + Kitten Heels

Kerry Pieri

Sometimes the most fun part about fashion people is their utter cluelessness with how the rest of the world lives. Like, buy this $10,000 Birkin because you’ll have it forever! Or moms, it’s kind of gross to wear sneakers or kitten heels.

That ladder idea can be attributed to new-mom-who-obviously-has-no-grasp-on-how-other-moms-operate, Rachel Zoe, in a recent interview with Redbook Magazine. Zoe says, “I adore a high heel, but I don’t love a kitten heel. It’s neither here nor there. And the one show I willnever wear is sneakers.” God forbid, a sneaker lands on that soccer field, I swear to Skylar!

You have to acknowledge the dedication to glamour, though.

Photo: SIPA