Rachel Zoe Project: Episode 5 Ashton Kutcher and Glamour


This week’s Rachel Zoe Project was filled with enough “I dies” that we almost died; especially when guest star, Ashton Kutcher showed up to ask Rachel for a favor, and when Glamour magazine’s style gets schooled by none other than Zoe herself.

Here’s the rundown of the best moments from last night’s episode:

Ashton Kutcher asks Rachel to style his web series titled Blah Girls’. The series is basically equivalent to a girl’s version of South Park; Rachel actually gives birth to a cow in the web-series episode, believe it or not. Kind of creepy/hilarious if you ask us.

55253 Rachel Zoe Project: Episode 5 Ashton Kutcher and Glamour

Rachel and Taylor style a Glamour magazine shoot; on the shoot Rachel rocks the most amazing pair of Spring 2009 Vuitton wedges. Meanwhile Glamour editors nod their heads as if hypnotized by Rachel’s styling tips, and change the model’s hair and make-up on her command.

Taylor is plotting her next move over lunch with a girlfriend. Rachel’s empty promises on product branding are starting to seem further away in Taylor’s mind, and she’s ready for the next step; but never gets the chance to talk to Rachel because

Rachel falls deathly ill. Taylor asks if she sees two of her, Rachel replies “No, but I could throw up on you right now,” not exactly a good time to talk about plans to move on, is it Tay? Meanwhile, Brad conveniently points out that she is the most stylish sick person ever, crediting her whole outfit which included an amazing red and purple Vuitton jacket.

The saga continues next week…. stay tuned to Bravo and Stylecaster for more of The Rachel Zoe Project.