How To Host a Holiday Party Like Rachel Zoe

Leah Bourne
living in stlye rachel zoe in gold c justin coit How To Host a Holiday Party Like Rachel Zoe

Photo: Grand Central Publishing/Justin Colt

Want to plan your most stylish holiday party to date? Take a few cues from stylist turned designer Rachel Zoe when planning your next fête, because just like Zoe has some serious knowhow when it comes to dressing the likes of Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway for the red carpet, she also happens to be quite the expert when it comes to entertaining.

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Bottom line to what makes Zoe’s parties something of legend—she keeps decorating to a minimal (white flowers and plenty of votives), and emphasizes creating an atmosphere where her guests feel relaxed enough, that, in her words “come eat a little, eat lot, sit down, don’t sit down…” To put it another way, Zoe just wants to make each of her guests happy.

Here, her top five tips for pulling off a great holiday affair that doesn’t require a ton of effort.

1. The Invitations:

“I’m all about paperless invitations,” Zoe says. “At this point they are just as politically acceptable as paper, and much faster. That being said, there is still nothing better than a hand-written note when you have the time and the occasion is really special.”

2. The Flowers:

“I gravitate towards all-white floral arrangements—either hydrangeas, peonies or roses,” she says. “I think you can mix the variety as long as you stick to one color.”

3. The Food:

“I never believe in anything too formal when it comes to doing things in my house; it’s the more the merrier with a buffet style dinner because it’s better for socializing and conversation. I love the idea of come eat a little, eat lot, sit down, don’t sit down…”

4. The Music:

“My party playlists are a compilation of classic rock mixed with a few newish songs,” according to Zoe. “There’s always a little Beyoncé thrown in there, and some Jay-Z to get the party started. But when it comes to dinner, you never want to listen to dance music while you’re eating, more Radiohead, Coldplay and Led Zeppelin.”

5. The Extra Touch: 

“I always have fires going even if it’s 80 degrees in LA, because it doesn’t feel like the holidays to me unless my fireplace is on.”

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