Rachel Roy Rings In Her Birthday On Behalf Of Ghana

Liz Doupnik

We’re suckers for celebs and designers who get their charity on. It’s always so encouraging to see people who have the potential to be super self-involved look outside of their glamorous little bubble for a second and think about those who are a little less fortunate.

So, what does that mean for the rest of us? Rachel Roy has an answer with her latest giveaway on Facebook! In celebration of the designer’s birthday, she’s thinking less of herself and more of others. If you check out her page, all you have to do is fill out a little form to donate $1 on behalf of Rachel to OrphanAid Africa (which assists in delivering education to children in Ghana).

All of the proceeds go to the charity, so you’re essentially doing double duty for some tykes. But, your good will doesn’t go unrecognized either. If you fill out the questions, you’ll be in the running to be one of fifteen winners to score a limited edition Kindness is Always Fashionable Ghana clutch. We’re wondering if we can enter more than once — have you seen the clutch?!