Rachel Roy Makes It Worth It


At StyleCaster, we’re doing a series of backstage video interviews this fashion week, in which I am the hostess extraordinaire. Or…trying to be, at least. This means, among other things, that I’ve put myself on a strict one-drink-per-night alcohol diet for the week. There’s nothing worse than being hung over and having to be on-camera smiling and talking chirpily to designers while frantically trying to think of clever questions to ask them. So while said alcohol diet is totally necessary, it also happens to be kind of a bummer. While all my friends are tossing them back and having a grand old time, I’m wincing from sore feet and grudgingly sipping a Red Bull. Sigh.

But when I had my first interview with the lovely Rachel Roy today, it reminded me that it’s all worth it. Not only is she incredibly telegenic, she is also remarkably sweet and well-spoken, especially when it comes to her collection. You’ll have to watch the video (coming to you in a couple of weeks!) to find out what we talked about, but I can assure you now that her spring line is beautiful. I left the presentation dreaming of the silky nude jumpsuit in the above picture. Love.

And at the end of the day week, I’d rather have a slew of great videos under my belt than a string of fun, drunken nights, right? Right???

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