Rachel Bilson Self Sooths With Ice Cream, By Karl Lagerfeld

Kerry Pieri

Ice cream may not be the most fashion-y of foods, but Magnum Ice Cream is doing whatever it takes to make their latest campaign more like an ad for Chanel, rather than something found in your grocer’s freezer.

The behind the scenes video for the television spot shot by Karl Lagerfeld, starring Rachel Bilson and pretty boy Baptiste Giabiconi, was released today and it’s way fun. The film centers around three vignettes, including Bilson as a fashion model (“a 5’2″ model, if you can believe it” Bilson says), in a drawing class (where the ice cream makes her paint better, Lagerfeld explains), and as a world-renowned ballerina for a Black Swan moment, where Bilson escapes her throngs of fans and enjoys, you guessed it, some ice cream.

“Induldge in the things that make you happy,” Bilson says. Like seeing Karl wax rhapsodic on ice cream and pretend like he would ever eat it? Yes, please.

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