Rachel Antonoff Talks Kittens And Babysitters Club For Spring 2011

Rachel Antonoff Talks Kittens And Babysitters Club For Spring 2011
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Before Christmas I was rummaging around the graphic design section of a local bookstore, and came upon a chapter in a book that discussed the “art” of creating lookbooks for fashion labels. At first I found this a little odd, since many of the lookbooks that land on our desks are stale and uninspired. But then there are certain designers that perfectly portray their brand’s vision and the feeling of their collections through the images and story lines of their lookbooks. Rachel Antonoff is one of those designers.

Rachel’s offering for her Spring 2011 collection was inspired by a teen’s dream bedroom, and it was shot in the house that she grew up in by photographer Lindsey Byrnes. Her brother, Jack, did the prop styling with all of her own things some current, some from her childhood including a collection of Babysitters Club books, old records, band instruments, horse figurines and stuffed animals. It features 30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden and Elite model Ruby Jean, but the real star aside from the adorable and super wearable clothing is the kitten that appears on every page.

“I really like how the kitten is in every shot but often lost amongst the stuffed animals,” Rachel said. “If you have the opportunity to work with a kitten, I highly recommend it. I think the shoot probably took twice as long because of all the kitten playing breaks we took!”

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