Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013: Lena Dunham, Versailles Gardens, and Jellies

Laurel Pinson

To walk into Rachel Antonoff’s Spring 2013 presentation on Saturday was to live for a moment among the truly cool girls. Antonoff, who has developed a cult following among the thinking woman’s style set, drew a very impressive roster of stars to her Chelsea presentation, including Lena Dunham and Hailee Steinfeld (with whom Antonoff charmingly compared nails).

Antonoff always goes the extra mile in creating over-the-top worlds for her presentations — from a high school gym to a Wednesday Addams-inspired illustrated mansion — and for Spring 2013, she invited guests into a lush green maze, complete with badminton nets and faux trees.

“It all started with the Eames film, Powers of Ten,” Antonoff explained. “I am in love with it … and it made me want to do a “Powers of Ten” print.” The print in question, of course, is a graphic green pattern that Antonoff says is actually an aerial view of Versailles.

“The first thing that I thought of was a maze,” she continued, “And then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we were all in that print, if you zoomed in, how could I make it feel like that?’ And this is how.”

The collection (and the setting) have a country club vibe with a rebellious streak, which the designer says was partially inspired by a character from Philip Roth’s book, Goodbye, Columbus, named Brenda Patimkin. “She’s like a country club girl, but she doesn’t give a sh&#,” she told us.

In addition to the graphic prints and wearable, slightly preppy separates, one of the collection’s big highlights is the sixth installment of Antonoff’s collaboration with Bass shoes. The spring footwear collection features a number of pairs that play with an iconic cool girl’s summer shoe — jellies. Antonoff’s shoes for Bass range from a platform jelly to a jelly oxford, and the designer insists the range is “without question” her favorite to date. We’d happily agree.