Rachel Antonoff Fall Lookbook: Pretty Girls & Mini Horses

Rachel Antonoff Fall Lookbook: Pretty Girls & Mini Horses
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If there’s one young designer who knows how to navigate a lookbookor a Fashion Week presentation for that matterit’s Rachel Antonoff. Her high school dance-themed event for Fall 2011 featured a live performance by The Like, dancing models, Twinkies and Hostess cakes as refreshments and a special appearance by Alexa Chungneedless to say, it did not disappoint. Neither does her lookbook for the season.

Shot by Lindsey Byrnes on a mini horse farm in New Jersey, Rachel showcases her whimsical yet wearable designs against a backdrop of wooded stables and pure white snow. The models featured are her friend Danielle F. and Teen Vogue‘s Laurel Pantin, who Rachel calls one of her “favorite people ever.”

The other models on set were the mini horses, which Rachel also had lovely things to say about. “Working with the horses was definitely one of the better experiences I’ve had. They are amazing magical little things!”

Click through for some of our favorite looks from Rachel’s Fall 2011 collectionwe’re already saving up for the trombone skirt and printed tights.

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