Awesome App Alert: QuizUp Lets You Test Your Smarts Against Your Friends

Julie Gerstein

Sure, you like your friends, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to prove your smarter than them. QuizUp, a new smartphone app, lets you do just that.

The totally trivial quiz game pits you against your friends in virtually any and every category. Basically, we’re addicted.

quiz up correct Awesome App Alert: QuizUp Lets You Test Your Smarts Against Your Friends

The way it works: You pick a category you want to compete in (from more than 250 options) and a challenger (it connects you with your Facebook friends), and the game finds out if the person you want to play against is online. Even if they’re not, you can still play against them, and find out your results later on. You can even opt to play against challengers who aren’t in your friend circle, to up your scores.

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Want to challenge your BFF to a game of who knows “Arrested Development” better? Or go head to head against your roommate over who knows fashion designers better? You can do that. There are literally hundreds of categories, with new ones being added every day. And each round consists of just seven questions, so you can speed through games quickly without losing interest. The game ranks you against your friends (and the world) in various categories, so it gives you incentive to play more and better.

Download QuizUp now, and get to quizzing!

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