Fashion Quiz: Which Coast is Your Personal Style?


West Coast bohemian versus East Coast preppy: what coast does your personal style tend towards? Take the quiz below to see which side of the US of A your style identifies with!

1. What is your morning coffee order?
a. A tall chai latte
b. A venti Red-Eye coffee with two shots of espresso
c. A skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot

2. What was your last purchase?
a. A drop chain necklace.
b. A new Blackberry battery
c. A pair of jeans

3. On an average Thursday, what are your after-work plans?
a. Thursday? It’s only Monday. I prefer to play it more by ear…
b. Working a little late then a boutique opening followed by dinner at 10PM
c. Drinks and dinner that lasts two hours at a new sushi restaurant

4. What color is your nail polish?
a. Black, red or a mix of a two colors at minimum
b. Khaki, pale pink, or a mauve grey
c. Gentle buff topped with clear polish

5. Which best describes your apartment’s decor?
a. Eclectic and plush– like Zooey Deschanel‘s character in 500 Days of Summer
b. Small but pretty well organized, it’s hard to remember… You don’t spend too much time there
c. A little cluttered but charming

6. Your sunglasses are
a. Growing in number by the day. Tortoise, oversized, aviator…
b. Black and cover half my face
c. A classic shape in with a little something special like a fun color or interesting tint

7. When it comes to a hair cut…
a. You like your hair long and uncomplicated
b. You consider it an accessory you wear every day so you don’t need to change it up all the time. Ol’ reliable…
c. You shake it up every now and then but try to keep it a little polished

Mostly A’s: The West Coast, Best Coast
The quickest way to describe your style is boho-inspired and the sunny California weather plucks spirits and adds into your whimsical style. Your closet has more flowy dresses and lightweight layering pieces than you know what to do with… so you wear them all at once! It’s hard for you to remember where you got that amazing fur vest from because you tend to pick up pieces while you travel or from amazing hole-in-the-wall stores. As for accessories, your jewelry and hats all have a personal vibe and you tend to wear the same pieces every day.

This spring, you’re already all over the maxi skirt and sheer trends– not that you fuss much over trends.

Mostly B’s: The East Coast Prep
East coast style draws its inspiration from its Ivies with just a hint of prepster vibe regardless of your individual style. Blazers and cardigans– whether worn genuinely preppy or ironically preppy– are an integral part of your layering wardrobe namely to shield you from the elements. Black, neutrals and navy are a fundamental part of your go-to palette but there is always an element of personal surprise be it a statement ring or vintage coat. While your wardrobe is a mix of old and new, you always look a little pulled together.

As for spring trends, you’re excited to wear… um… well, you’re still thinking about the fact that summer is months away. Ugh.

Mostly C’s: Bi-Coastal Traveler
You pair your maxi skirt with a fitted blazer and preppy button down. You rock an all black outfit with an oversize floppy hat. You can not be tied to either coast but rather bounce between the two in one outfit. Check both the west and east coast summaries above!

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