This Is Brilliant: A New Hotel Stocks The Minibar With High-End Fashion Goodies

Julie Gerstein

quin hotel This Is Brilliant: A New Hotel Stocks The Minibar With High End Fashion Goodies

When New York’s Quin Hotel launched earlier this month, they didn’t want to be like every other luxury hotel. So, in addition to stocking rooms with the typical minibar offerings — fancy chocolates, assorted mini booze bottles — The Quin opted to play upon its swanky Fifth Avenue location and offer high-end fashion goodies, as well.

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The hotel partnered with neighboring department store Bergdorf Goodman to provide each room with a well-stocked “provisions cabinet,” chock full of high-end items like jewelry, books, candles and cards.

“The cabinet will give our guests the chance to get a sense of the latest fashion trends out there and also what’s around in the neighborhood,” general manager Holly Breuche told the New York Times. Expect the cabinet to have its stock rotated out on the regular, and also include products specially made for the hotel, like jewelry from designer Siri Willoch.

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And, expect to get a deal if you’re lucky enough to snag one of the 208 guest rooms: All the items in the provision cabinets are priced between 15 and 20 percent lower than they are in stores.