This Site Generates Recipes Based On Ingredients You Have At Home & Thank God

Bella Gerard
This Site Generates Recipes Based On Ingredients You Have At Home & Thank God
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Even though I binge-watch Top Chef, Chopped, and The Great British Bakeoff like nobody’s business, I’m not exactly a pro in the kitchen myself. I’m even worse when I’m not using a meal kit service that delivers the appropriate ingredients to my doorstep—catch me looking very lost as I roam the aisles of my local grocery store. Discovering new, easy and quick dinner recipes is definitely not my strong suit, but I’ve found the hack of all hacks, and I’m very generously going to share it with you, even though doing so will affect me in no way. That’s how you get good karma, folks. And we could all use some of that right about now, don’tcha think?

Allow me to present a game-changer: Supercook. No, this isn’t another must-binge-watch cooking show, but a website, as well as a mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. How does it work, you ask? Simply type in the ingredients you have at home and Supercook searches the web for you, rounding up a ton of recipes you can make with what you’ve already got. Basically, Supercook is a magical recipe genie, here to bless the hungry and uncreative, myself included. Truly, I don’t know how I ate before I started consulting Supercook in advance. If you’re unable to get to the grocery store, uninspired with your usual meals, or looking to incorporate specific foods into your diet, Supercook comes in clutch.

Swipe through the recipe-finding process via the Instagram carousel below from user Dani Lichliter Aceituno. As another example, literally all I have in my cabinet right now is chicken broth and rice. Not in the mood for soup and not desperate enough to eat plain rice, I typed in both ingredients and boom—multiple easy (and perhaps to some, but not me, obvious) mouth-watering broth-simmered rice recipes appeared before my very eyes. You can also type in the kind of meal you *think* you want to have and Supercook will generate similar recipes. There have been many nights when I’ve simply typed in “sweet potato” and discovered an abundance of new ways to eat my fave starch.

Is Supercook ideal for anyone looking to get better at cooking? Yes, but it’s also a great tool for people with tons of kitchen experience. You’ll never know every single recipe out there, so a tool that helps you discover new ones every time you cook is special and useful. Next time you’re staring at your lackluster pantry asking yourself, “What should I make for dinner?”, skip the Carrie Bradshaw-esque pondering and go straight to Supercook. Thank me later—or better yet, invite me over for dinner.