Questions We Hope Are Answered In R. Kelly’s Autobiography

Spencer Cain

The heavens are shining down on me today. There’s nothing I love more than a celebrity memoir, especially since it generally tends to be highly controversial, ridiculous public figures who decide to pen their pasts in order to “set the record straight.” They team up with ghost writers (or “collaborators”) and deliver pure, unadulterated literary gold.

Last month, we addressed the issues that Courtney Love will hopefully explore in her upcoming memoir, and I’m thrilled to say that we will be doing the same today with the one and only R. Kelly. This is particularly timely, considering the video yesterday of the adorableJoseph Gordon Levitt (he’s not Jared Leto level but I’m obsessed) singing Kelly’s smash hit song “Ignition.”

Anyway, Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me (yes, that’s actually the name)drops next Tuesday, and while the publisher describes Kelly as a “Visionary cultural messenger, who created the hip hopera phenomenon Trapped in the Closet. Creative genius. Sex symbol. The man who puts the ‘R’ in R&B,” there’s still a LOT more I want to know.

  • Obviously, I won’t be too crass here (as this is a judgment-free zone, and I love your damn music and that’s what counts), but I need to know what really happened during that infamous scandal, and why you did what you did. You can refer to hisWiki page for details.
  • WHAT was the real story behind you and Aaliyah‘s relationship? (If you are unaware of this situation, know that Aaliyah and R. were married when she was fifteen, but it didn’t get out for years. Oh, how media has changed.)
  • You are basically solely responsible for the Air Jordan hats paired with large Gucci sunglasses trend that still somehow permeates our society. Why? You’re a man of wealth and taste, how did you slip up like this?
  • Your hip-hopera “Trapped in the Closet” was all I watched for like, six months. What was the inspiration? What was the writing process like? Thoughts on taking it to Broadway one day?
  • While you have had a truly ridiculous number of successful songs, your most famous will always be “I Believe I Can Fly,” mainly due to one of the best films of our time: Space Jam. What are your thoughts on Space Jam?

Sure, there are way more racy questions that I’m sure we’re all thinking — but we’ll just have to wait for the book!

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