Does the Queen Get a Salary? Here’s What We Know About Her Royal Net Worth

Queen Elizabeth II
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As the Queen of the United Kingdom and its 15 commonwealth realms, it’s no question that Her Majesty is one wealthy woman. But what is Queen Elizabeth’s net worth, exactly? You may be surprised to hear that she’s not among the richest royals in the world, though she’s certainly doing pretty well for herself either way.

For everything we know about the Queen’s net worth—including details about how she makes her money, her yearly salary, and how her husband Prince Philip’s death may impact her finances—just keep on reading below.

How does Queen Elizabeth II make money?

The Queen has multiple streams of income coming from portfolios comprised of lands, properties, and other assets acquired throughout the years. Her primary source of income comes from an account called the Sovereign Grant, which sets aside a reported 25% of income produced by a collection of lands and holdings called the Crown Estate. Though the Queen does not privately own the Crown Estate, this portion of the public sovereign entity pays for the Queen and her family’s expenses each year. In recent years, the yearly income amassed from this estate has amounted to roughly $18 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Her Majesty also earns a yearly income from a collection of land, property, and assets called the Duchy of Lancaster, a private portfolio held in trust for the reigning sovereign. In 2020, the Queen’s annual income from the Duchy of Lancaster was an estimated £23 million, or $31 million, according to Express and Star.

Aside from her sovereign portfolios, the Queen also owns a collection of personal assets that she shared with her late husband, Prince Philip. These include the family’s Sandringham Estate, which is worth a reported $65 million, and their vacation home of Balmoral Castle, valued at an estimated $140 million.

What is Queen Elizabeth II’s salary?

Taking her many streams of income into account, the Queen earns a generous salary each year—and according to the Evening Standard, this looked like an estimated $97.2 million in yearly income for Her Majesty in 2020.

What is Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth?

Queen Elizabeth’s net worth in 2021 is an estimated $480 million to $500 million, according to multiple net worth calculators. Following the death of her husband, Prince Philip, this amount may change as she is likely to acquire any of his wealth not left to their four children, Princess Anne and Princes Charles, Andrew, and Edward.

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