Queen Elizabeth’s Holiday Home Is the Stuff of Dreams & These Photos Prove It

Queen Elizabeth
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If there’s anything that could make us miss vacationing more, it’s most certainly Queen Elizabeth’s holiday home in Sandringham photos. Her Majesty often spends her holiday season on the Estate property, and after pictures of the space were released for the public this July, we can absolutely understand why.

Much like the glimpses at Meghan and Harry’s home in Los Angeles—which is rumored to belong to director Tyler Perry, of all people—any sneak peek at the royal family’s humble abodes fills followers with glee. For such a private bunch, getting any preview of their living quarters feels like a treat, and we’d venture to say it even helps us understand their personalities a little better.

Case in point: The Queen is a woman of luxury, honey! When she isn’t staying at her Sandringham Estate (photos to follow below), she’s usually spending out her days in London’s Buckingham Palace. Yet the Queen’s main place of residence is looking a little different this year, given the current social distancing recommendations in place around the world. The Queen, 94, has had to remain extra cautious, so she has been staying with Prince Philip at Windsor Castle with the smallest of staff (that includes her “essential” help—dressmaker and adviser, Angela Kelly, and Page of the Blackstairs, Paul Whybrew, along with a housemaid, a chef, and a footman, according to Daily Mail).

With Her Majesty unable to visit her holiday home, it seems the royal social media team decided to transport followers—and the Queen herself—to the property with the magic of photography. It’s nowhere near the same thing, but it’s plenty appreciated. The Queen usually stays at her Sandringham House during the winter holiday season. However, the estate looks just as stunning in the summertime, and during this season, followers are usually allowed to tour the property. Needless to say, things are looking a little different this year.

As such, an official Sandringham Instagram account (@Sandringham1870) took to social media in recent weeks to share gorgeous views of the home. “Sandringham House remains closed however we are working on plans to safely reopen in the coming months,” they wrote in their recent caption, adding, “Until then enjoy a more virtual view.” In photos posted to their page on June 29, there are glimpses at the property’s drawing-room, which Queen Victoria described as “very long and handsome,” in her own journal from 1871. We’d have to agree.

The Instagram account has shared plenty of photos of the rest of the space in the past, including shots of the dining room at Sandringham and many previews of the outdoor property. Inside, “Queen Mary’s influence is chiefly still seen in the interior of the House,” they write in one of their captions, with everything from “magnificent Spanish tapestries adorning the walls,” to “Columns, curves & coats of arms,” filling the rooms. ” Outside, “The Gardens are thriving from the warmer weather.”

It’s all incredibly breathtaking, to say the least. Oh, and we almost forgot. One glimpse at Sandringham’s Instagram account promises that “four-legged friends,” are allowed on many of the premises. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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