A New Startup Wants to Make Jeans That Come in 400 Sizes

Leah Bourne
149403744 3 A New Startup Wants to Make Jeans That Come in 400 Sizes

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Finding jeans that fit properly is never easy, and we mean never. Every brands offerings fit entirely different, which makes shopping for jeans a total pain in the you know what. Even when you find jeans that fit perfectly in one area, say your waist, they could be too tight in the butt or too short–in short finding the perfect fitting jeans is pretty exhausting.

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It’s an age old problem that Qcut, a new company that’s launching with a Kickstarter campaign today, is hoping to solve with an algorithm. Qcut’s aim is to make jeans that’ll come in around 400 different sizes. You’ll be able to find your perfect pair by inserting the following five numbers: your normal pants size, your height, your weight, your shoe size, and your bra size.

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Qcut is selling its jeans for around $130 on Kickstarter right now, but they’ll likely go up to $170 once the campaign ends.

Watch the video from Qcut’s Kickstarter campaign below, and let us know what you think of the concept!