Exclusive Video and Q&A Featuring Brooklyn-based Band Body Language

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Body Language is a Brooklyn-based band made up of Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, Ian Chang, and Ms. Angelica Bess. Their sound mixes ’80s soul and electro and they deliver it with a futuristic slant, similar to artists like Deee-Lite, Chromeo, and Jamiroquai. They do everything from producing indie music and DJing house, disco, and Detroit techno to writing pop songs on the piano and have toured with an array of amazing multi-genre musicians including Janelle Monae, Matt & Kim, and Sia. Check out our exclusive video featuring the band performing at our #BestNightEver CMJ event (above) and our Q&A with Angelica Bess and Grant Wheeler (below). More party-goer snapshots from the event can be found in our recap post here.
You’ve done everything from DJing a dive bar in Connecticut to performing on rooftops in Brooklyn. Any favorite venue or type of party to perform?
We like playing at floor level with the audience. It often ends up feeling a lot rowdier and personal that way.
If you could perform in any city in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Sydney! Best festivals.
Your song “Sandwiches” makes us want to ask, what’s your favorite sandwich?
Scratchbread’s bacon, egg and pesto on a biscuit mmmmm….
But seriously, where did the song title “Sandwiches” come from?
It’s actually a cover of Detroit Grand Pubahs’ song “Sandwiches.” We made it a little less creepy. Check out the original!
If you could collaborate with any band or musician, who would it be?
Brian Wilson. A little more realistic dream collabo would be Little Dragon.
There are a lot of different instruments involved in creating your music. What’s the most number of instruments you’ve ever had on stage at a time?
Our stage set up for Body Language maxes out at three keyboards, a glockenspiel, drums, drum pads, and percussion. I don’t think it’s ever exceeded that. I’ve been in other bands where the stage looked like a yard sale.
Any exciting (and/or embarrassing) show malfunctions you’d like to share?
One time we ended up playing a private party for like 40 people and Thom Yorke showed up, who is basically our music super hero. First song in, the whole PA just turns off and proceeds to do that for the first three songs we played. We were a wee bit embarrassed.
What are your go-to outfits and/or must-have fashion items for shows?
Matt has his shell necklace that everyone calls a “Nestle Flipz.” I have this one earring that my girl made for me. I wear it every show. This past tour I wore these black-and-white-striped leggings almost every day. I call them my Tim Burton pants. Once upon a time, there was one Goosebumps T-shirt that a few of us shared, but it has since been retired due to an unfortunate pizza stain.
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