Meet the Hilarious New Tumblr That Turns Celebrities Into Redheads

Put a Rang on It


If you ask us, redheads are a wildly underrepresented bunch in the media. Seriously, how many firey-haired celebrities are there? Like, two? Enter Put a Rang On It, a new Tumblr account turning the A-list into redheads.

The site’s creator–who clearly has a whole lot of spare time–has given everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift an orangey new ‘do–even Kanye didn’t escape a virtual dye job. We particularly appreciate Gigi Hadid‘s tinged eyebrows, and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s tonal beard.

We don’t know when or where this blog originated, but Put a Rang On It also has an Instagram account that was just started yesterday. The account, @putarangonit, has just 66 followers so far–which if you ask us is a complete travesty. So go ahead and follow them on Instagram, and keep scrolling for a few of the Tumblr’s best celebrity hair makeovers.

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Put a Rang on It Put a Rang on It Put a Rang on It Put a Rang on It

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Put a Rang on It