Sending Handwritten Cards Just Got Easier With This Genius App

Jasmin Perez
Punkpost Customized Greeting Cards

Photo: Punkpost

If you have time to type a text message, then you certainly have time to send a handwritten note—and you have Punkpost to thank for that. The personalized greeting card app, launched earlier this year by a creative husband-and-wife duo, makes it incredibly easy to send a unique handwritten card straight from your smartphone.

The process is seamless: Pick your card, type your message, and add necessary specifics like a delivery date and whether your note should include glitter (yes, glitter); the team behind Punkpost takes care of the rest.

And we’re not talking about cheesy Hallmark cards: Cofounders Alexis Monson and Santiago Prieto take the time to handpick artists, giving each her own moment in the spotlight on the app’s blog and YouTube page. The current lineup includes work by Jess Levitz of June Letters Studio, who’s been featured in Vanity Fair, and Bridget M. Sidden of Kate Spade. The actual handwriting is left to specialized writers who excel at (legible) penmanship.

Punkpost Handwritten Card App

Photo: Punkpost

You’re might be wondering why in God’s name you need to rely on technology yet again, when you can walk to the nearest Target or Paper Source and pick up a card yourself. Well, let’s be real: That never actually happens, no matter how hard we try. Not to mention that you’ll avoid the irritation of snagging that chic thank-you card only to realize—ugh—you don’t have stamps and the post office closed at 5:00, or you spelled something wrong and have to cross it out like a kindergartener.

Punkpost removes those issues from the equation so you can focus on the important part of the card: the message.

One of the truly great perks of the app (which is free to download) is that your first post is on the house, which allows you to test it out commitment-free. After that, each post is $6 and includes a handwritten message, stamp, envelope, and personal drop-off at the nearest post office. International cards include an extra $1 fee. That’s the same price you pay for a specialty card, minus the postage fees and risk of sending the same Rifle Paper Co. card as everyone else.

Need to send a card in Spanish or Chinese? No problem. Punkpost’s writers are multilingual. And they’re also fluent in Emoji, in case you’re wondering.