The Weird Reason Women Are Grooming Their Ladyparts

Lauren Caruso


Waxing, shaving, trimming, and otherwise getting rid of pubic hair isn’t anything new, and whatever you do (or don’t do—whatever) is totally up to you/fine/no big deal. But apparently, some women are doing it for interesting reasons. In a national study of 3,316 women ages 18-65, more 83 percent said they participated in some sort of pubic hair grooming—and while 56 percent said they groomed for sex, about 40 percent said they do it for a healthcare visit. That’s right: They wax for the gyno, you know, to make it easier to see, or something.

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Quick refresher: Pubic hair is totally natural, and it’s there to help trap bacteria and other things that shouldn’t make their way into the vagina. If you want to get rid of it, again, do what you gotta do, but for the love of bacterial vaginosis, don’t do it to keep infections away. Another fun fact to come out of the study: White women were more likely to shave or wax than any other group of women, and while younger women were more likely to report some grooming habits than older groups, there was no measurable difference in grooming habits between single and married people.

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Researchers concluded that some women are so self-conscious about their appearance that “any exposure to her genital area may drive a woman to groom, even when the health care professional is an unbiased professional providing medical care.” You don’t say.

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