A New App Helps You Find Sold-Out Items Like Mansur Gavriel Bags and Chanel Espadrilles

Leah Bourne

So you’re dying for this season’s “it” bag, only to discover that it’s sold out practically everywhere? Well, we have an app for you. It’s called PS Dept, and its aim is to help you buy exactly what you want, when you want it, all while bypassing those pesky store waiting lists you never seem to be able to crack.

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The venture was started Michelle Goad, a veteran of Marc Jacobs, who had the idea after noticing that some of the best sales associates at Marc Jacobs were the ones in constant contact with their clients via text message, and who went above and beyond for their customers, often securing items from other stores.

Goad launched the app in 2012, originally connecting users with sales associates at top stores like Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman. She then started shopping for clients herself, and with the help of hired personal shoppers, searching for hard-to-find items. The special service costs 5% of an item’s purchase price, while shopping with store associates within the app is free.

The best part: The entire transaction happens via the app, from when you make a request, to when your personal shopper sends you a photo of an item you’ve tirelessly been stalking, to when you decide to buy something.

ps dept screenshots A New App Helps You Find Sold Out Items Like Mansur Gavriel Bags and Chanel Espadrilles

Photo Via PS Dept

Some of the biggest customer demands this summer included all-white Birkenstocks, Mansur Gavriel bucket bags, and Chanel espadrilles.

An example at PS Dept at work? The team discovered a shipment of Chanel espadrilles ($595 in leather, $525 in canvas) shipping to Neiman Marcus’ Dallas distribution center. The team ordered and sold 100 pairs within a day, before the shoes even hit the sales floor. Another time, the team secured a Monique Lhuillier gown for a pregnant client that had been vetoed by a Hollywood star.

Head over to PS Dept to download and try the app yourself. Yes, that Mansur Gavriel bag is finally within reach.

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