Proof That Riccardo Tisci Is The Sweetest Man In The World


Judging by his dark, Gothic designs, you might think that Givenchy’s (or possibly Dior’s?) Riccardo Tisci is a gloomy guy deep down. Turns out, he might be the sweetest man on the planet, who credits his mother for his confidence and would do anything to support his family.

In a heartwarming confession to Vogue UK, the designer admits that he did not want to accept the job he was offered as Givenchy’s creative director in 2005, and only took it so that he could help his impoverished mother and sisters.

Tisci explained, “I wasn’t interested, Not at all. I was going to say no. But the week before, my mother called me and said to me, ‘I am going to tell you something I haven’t even told your sisters: I think I am going to sell our house because your sisters are struggling, they’re able , they’re having children, they need the money. I will go to a retirement home.'”

Even though taking the Givenchy position meant giving up work on his eponymous label, he cared more about coming to his family’s aid. “When I heard that it was like a knife in my heart. I felt like such a failure, that my mother had to sell the house of my father whom I don’t remember. And then I went to Paris, and they showed me a contract with all these zeros on it, and it was like help from God. I thought ‘If I sign this, my mother will never have to worry again.’ SoI signed it.”

Doesn’t this sincere story bring a tear to your eye? If the rumors are true and Tisci does end up at Dior, the higher-ups at LVMH can rest assured this sweet designer is definitely the anti-Galliano.

Photo via Imaxtree