Proof That Pinterest Is Ruled By Fashion Freaks Like Us [Photo]

Susie G

pinterest info graphic aw 1 medium 11 Proof That Pinterest Is Ruled By Fashion Freaks Like Us [Photo]

Who doesn’t love a good infograph to start your week off right? I sure know I do!

Which is why I’m glad that a mass office e-mail tipped me off to one of these bad boys that only had to focus about one thing–Pinterest. By now, I’m sure you’ve already heard of Pinterest and how it’s the latest “It” social media website to be on these days (or if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you might want to check out a little guide we made earlier a while back).

While we’ve noticed that there are tons of fashion fans like ourselves on this popular site, a new study compiled into a color-blocked infograph from the folks over at TAMBA (a social media marketing and digital advertising agency in the UK) actually proves that Pinterest is indeed crawling with fellow fashion fangirls (and boys).

pinterest info graphic aw 1 medium 21 Proof That Pinterest Is Ruled By Fashion Freaks Like Us [Photo]

Since the original infograph was so large, we had to split it in half, but hopefully you should still be able to notice three key take-aways from the image.

Number #3 branded member on Pinterest is the ever-stylish Bergdorf Goodman

The New York department store has got their social media game on lockdown, as the brand manages to stay actives all on social media fronts like Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. In other words, they keep pushing fashion, style and serious shoe swag on a 24/7 basis that folks just can’t get enough of.

A good majority of Pinterest users are women between the ages of 25 to 54 years old

Ok, not to get all stereotypical and make any feminists out there upset, but before I log into my Pinterest account through the site’s homepage, 99% of the time it’s covered in images of food, home decor, architecture, sketches and art, clothing, beauty shots and fuzzy little animals. It’s almost like Pinterest is Lifetime‘s unofficial online community fan forum–just saying.

The number #1 Pinterest audience interest is “Fashion Designers & Collections”

This is definitely the big kicker in the bunch. Folks on Pinterest these days seem to love catwalk photos or images from designer-clad photo shoots. And now, we’ve finally got the numbers and the infograph to prove it!

Are you on Pinterest? Let us know what are your favorite things to pin by leaving a comment down below!