PROJECT Las Vegas Brand Crush: Grey Antics

PROJECT Las Vegas Brand Crush: Grey Antics
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For the price conscious fans of the line Grey Ant, seeing the Grey Ant off-shoot (not to be confused as a diffusion line) Grey Antics collection available at Urban Outfitters was a spectacular revelation. By some amazing grace the extremely covetable pieces of the Grey Ant collection were brought to a more affordable pricepoint with the same design sensibilities in a lighthearted collection with an equally adorable name: Grey Antics.

Since its initial introduction to the Urban Outfitters market, Grey Antics has broken off from is mainline Grey Ant into a separate collection still designed by Grant Krajeki with bi-coastal clientele with an international presence in Japan and Hong Kong.

Grey Antics’ major point of distinction is that the clothing has a tongue in cheek approach to accessibility and combines the avant garde feel and aspects of the design level of Grey Ant. Unlike Grey Ant however which tends to keep a neutral palette with limited fabrics, Grey Antics mixes prints, fabrics and keeps its collection’s tone overall a little more fun. Grey Antics director of sales Lisa Elliot-Rosas explains, “Grey Antics was started as a more adventurous, fun, young line. An off-take of Grey Ant, it still has aspects of the [Grey Ant] collection in it but mainly [designer Grant Krajeki] wanted to keep Grey Ant as a more serious fashion label… with Grey Antics selling in more stores with a wider range of customers.”

For Grey Antics’ fall 2011 collection, Krajeki played with prints and color in his collection and dabbled with color blocking. Shoulder pads and extended shoulders make for an extremely look that still recall the 80s; “Krajeki is influencd by the 80s so you’ll always see that aspect in there. He definitely plays with colors, styles and has his own style going that you can see in the market place that isn’t specific to a season.” Most notably though, Krajeki added delicious chunky knits and sweaters with subtle details such as a layered sleeve cuff.

While Grey Antics continues to expand their collection’s repertoire with knits, Grey Ant is focusing on their collaboration with TEVA the waterproof, sandal brand and sunglasses. Will Grey Antics add accessories to their lineup? Not yet but stay tuned!

The Grey Antics collection retails for $70-$200 and is available stateside at Urban Oufitters, Diavolina and Bona Drag and internationally at Harvy Nichols Hong Kong and Opening Ceremony Japan.