PROJECT Las Vegas: 10 Shoe Brands That Are So Hot To Trot

Susie G

O. M. G. Shoes.

Just after one day being at PROJECT and hellbent on having a shoe-only (…and jewelry too) agenda, I somehow managed to scope out the trade show’s fiercest footwear on the convention floor today.

From chunky sandal wedges, to fall-tastic booties and even to some sweet designer collaborations with one of the coolest rubber-soled brands out there, our shoe picks have got everyone’s tastes covered.

If it was ever possible to experience a mental shoe overload, I think today might have been the day that I became a shock victim of the sole variety.

My only cure now is a near-future shoe shopping bonanza. Retailersbe forewarned!

To see all the fancy footwork we spotted out at the PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas, click through the photos in the slideshow above!

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