Profile of the Bella Principessa: Da Vinci Painting Found


We have a real life Da Vinci code on our hands. Well, not quite. A 500-year-old art-world mystery was solved today when it was announced that the “Profile of the Bella Principessa” painting is in fact a da Vinci.

Originally believed to be from an unknown German painter in the 1800’s, one art dealer saw the work of a master. Collector Peter Silverman bought the portrait from the Ganz gallery in New York for $19,000 on behalf of an anonymous Swiss collector.

The official confirmation that it is in fact a da Vinci came from the analysis of a fingerprint in the upper left corner of the painting. The print matches one on da Vinci’s portrait of St. Jerome hanging in the Vatican.

Other proof includes carbon dating to between 1440 and 1650 (the da Vinci period), the fact that it was painted by a left-handed painter (da Vinci was), and stylistic similarities to the “Mona Lisa.”

We’ll take a little art-world intrigue to liven up a Wednesday.