Priyanka Chopra Lookalikes are Taking Over Social Media

Amanda Williams
Priyanka Chopra Lookalikes are Taking Over Social Media
Photo: Getty Images

Priyanka Chopra has become the Internet’s favorite muse. And as of late, there are dozens of side-by-side photos popping up of fans and other celebs who believe the Indian actress is their possible doppelgänger.

The most recent lookalike to surface is Megan Milan. The MMG Model, who has over 67,000 Instagram followers and is known for her work with brands like Hennessy and Chevy bears what many deem an uncanny resemblance to the “Quantico” star.

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After posting a series of recent photos to her Twitter account, followers flooded her Twitter and Instagram feeds to note the similarities between the two. While some are convinced Milan and Chopra look like twins, others aren’t exactly on board.

“You really do look alike,” wrote one person while another added, “Kind of but like barely…like if anything, very distant 43rd cousins.”

Prior to Milan, Canadian fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga and Pakistani model Zhalay Sarhadi, were also called doppelgängers of the actress.

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We have no idea if Chopra has seen her lookalikes, but the Internet has certainly spoken. Do you agree?