Priyanka Chopra on the Red Carpet Dress She Hid Her Snacks in & the Surprising Thing She Does While Naked

Photo: Courtesy of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.

Who loves a train more than Priyanka Chopra? Nobody. And no, not a train that choo-choos—the one that follows behind you, and might require more than two people to carry it. Chopra sat down with StyleCaster to talk about her style evolution and take a fashion flashback down memory lane, where she revisited some of her favorite outfits. One being a ball dress. And not a dress worn to a ball, but rather a ball worn as a dress. Chopra also revealed her favorite outfit to binge in, why she’s so proud to be the face of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, and why you’ll never see her wearing a bucket hat. Check out our full chat with Chopra below.

SC: You ready to talk about jeans? What was your first pair? Can you describe them?

PC: My first pair of jeans were, gosh, that’s so hard. My mom was a big fan of blue jeans and a white shirt—it was her go-to style. Always has been. As is mine, as you can see (gestures to her outfit). But when I was very young, I may have been like nine or 10 [when I got] my first pair of jeans. I used to wear them with sneakers. My mom always put me in jeans and a white shirt, and then quickly realized that she shouldn’t put me in a white shirt, because I was a very active 10 year-old. But I used to wear my jeans with everything, all the time.

SC Did you cinch them at the bottom?

PC: Yeah, I used to! I used to roll ‘em up sometimes.

SC: During the pandemic, it’s funny, I heard people refer to jeans as hard pants. But jeans have returned! So, what are your favorite pair or style right now? I kind of think I know, because you’re wearing it.

PC: But how do you know what jeans I’m wearing though? (Laughing)

SC: Oh, you’re right. (Chopra is actually seated, I can’t tell). You might not be wearing any jeans. You got me. This is a jeansless interview. Alright, tell me about the iconic Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and why they resonate with you so much.

PC: What I love about the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans…she was a female founder, at a time when female founders or designers were just about popping in fashion. She was so ahead of her time, and she thought of women first. She created a jean for women, by a woman who thought of a woman’s needs. So ahead of her time, at a time when women were really fighting for their rights. When I put on my first pair of GVs, I was like, ‘OK, OK, a woman definitely made these jeans.’ Because it just cinches you in the right places. It gives you room in the right places. It’s inclusive of all sizes from a plus to petite, and everyone in the middle. I just love it has all different types of jeans: a classic, you have a boot, you have a flair, you have skinny, you have shorts. My favorite, because I’m a ’90s kid, is a flared jean because it gives me endless legs.

SC: The bootleg coming back, I love it! I have a few of them in my closet at my parents’ house, I was like, “I told you I’d need these one day!”

PC: (Laughs) I love that the bootleg coming back! The GV bootlegs are amazing.

Priyanka Chopra

Image: Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans.

SC: I can’t wait to try them, since we’re talking about kind of flashback fashion. Are you ready to take a little tour back into your past with two pictures?

PC: Oh no. [She looks worried and covers her face]

SC: Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. I wouldn’t do that to you. OK, the first one is this. (See the dress here).

PC: (Bursts into laughter, seeing her dress)

SC: OK, give me your commentary on it. It seems very convenient!

PC: It’s very convenient. I could itch wherever I needed to and no one would see it. This came out when I was doing press tour for the White Tiger, a book tour for Unfinished, and I was launching my hair care line, Anomaly. All of it happened at the same time! And the pandemic happened. I was exposed to someone who had COVID on my set, so I had to go down for 14 days at that time in the U.K. And all of these clothes that my stylist Law Roach had sent to me in London—this was one of them—and he loves a theme! This came out of having nothing to do, being bored, just wearing different clothes and taking pictures.

SC: I have to say I love it, and if you ever have to roll down a hill fast…

PC: You don’t have to walk down stairs, you can roll down the hill, you can roll to the bathroom, it’s just super convenient. I don’t think people understand, it’s very underrated!

SC: I’m just gonna give you some advice if you wear it again, don’t roll on the bathroom floor, don’t do that.

PC: You can hide all your snacks and no one will know.

SC: That’s true. See? Functional. OK, this one. Don’t be nervous.

GettyImages 675633340 Priyanka Chopra on the Red Carpet Dress She Hid Her Snacks in & the Surprising Thing She Does While Naked

Image: Getty Images.

SC: No, I’m not nervous about that one. I loved that outfit. The theme that year was Comme des Garçons. I remember that, it was Ralph Lauren and it was my first Met. So it was styled by Cristina Erlich. I wanted to sort of embody the androgynous nature of Comme des Garçons, but at the same time be real to the classic of Ralph Lauren. They’re known for their amazing trenches, So this was an idea that they came up with, just wearing the trench as a dress. And I love a big train as you know, Reshma. The bigger, the better and the best part about this dress, is that the atelier made the train detachable. It detached into a mini dress after the carpet was over. I’ve done that for every Met Gala after that, detachable trains!

SC: I love that. When I first saw it, I was like, she’s a hot Inspector Gadget, but then you shouldn’t have me do your PR.

PC: (laughs) I love Inspector Gadget!

SC: The best show, we’re 90s kids! Okay, a few rapid fire questions. If you had to describe your style evolution in three words, what would it be?

PC: I would say unique. I would say bold. I would say fun.

SC: Best fashion choice when you were younger?

PC: Less!

SC: Pets?

PC: Realizing less is more.

SC: Oh less! I thought you said “pets” so that makes more sense.

PC: Realizing pets (laughs) – Realizing pets are more is actually very accurate. Just don’t wear ‘em.

SC: Absolutely not! Your worst fashion decision or an outfit that you wore that you regret?

PC: I don’t want to throw any designers under the bus. Plead the fifth on this one!

SC: Oh that’s true! You know the only designer you could probably throw under the bus is your mom when she was dressing you when you were younger —

PC: No! You know how it is to live with my mom?! I’m not taking that chance!

SC: I just made an enemy of your mom. I take it back!

PC: You’re my mom’s enemy now, Reshma! Not me! I saved your honor at the moment.

SC: But you’re taking her favorite outfit (jeans and a white shirt) and you’re in the campaign for it. You’re welcome, mom. I’m so sorry. What is your comfort outfit and the outfit you binge TV in?

PC: My comfort outfit is, honestly, less is more. I like my birthday suit a lot. I’m very comfortable in it–

SC: Wait a minute! You actually naked binge?!

PC: I’m at home! You don’t lie down in bed naked and watch movies sometimes?

SC: Oh, I haven’t done that. But I should!

PC: You should! (laughs) It’s very comfortable!

Priyanka Chopra

Image: Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans.

SC: I will! What are you bingeing right now?

PC: The last show I binge-watched was The Dropout. I thought Amanda Seyfried was amazing, the show is so good. Now, just to follow the real life trial is really interesting and fun. I loved Candy. Jessica Biel’s Candy, but I’ve binge-watched Love on the Spectrum. I’ve seen the Australian version. I’ve seen the U.K. version. I’ve seen the US version. It’s the best show.

SC: Amazing. Naked binges. I think you’re gonna make it a thing. Okay, I was going to ask you to name an outfit you like wearing at home, but I think we know the answer to that now.

PC: But when I’m around people, then it’s usually just sweats. That’s the first thing I do when I come home. It’s really important to me when I come home from my day, that I take off my day. Taking off makeup, taking off my outfit. I need to just take off my day, before I start to decompress, and I usually step into my most comfortable sweats and that’s my favorite outfit —

SC: Then you turn the TV on and the sweats are gone. We’re going to play, “Wear it or Tear it.” I’ll name fashion trends and you tell me if you’ll wear it or tear it (toss it)… Bucket hats?

PC: I was just talking about that! They never fit me! I have a big ol’ head, so tear that one. I tried so many for my recent holiday! It looks like a top hat on me.

SC: You’re like Charlie Chaplin…

PC: It’s not fair! They need to make bucket hats for bigger heads.

SC: You can wear a bucket hat while you’re naked bingeing.

PC: The bucket hat still doesn’t fit me, as much as you’re like obsessed with my naked bingeing!

SC: I can’t let it go!

PC: The bucket hat is the focus here! And it is still not fitting my head!

SC: OK, heels!

PC: Wear ‘em! I love them.

SC: Denim on denim.

PC: Wear ‘em.

SC: Jumpsuits?

PC: Wear ‘em, I love a good jumpsuit. It’s just a production when you have to go pee, but that’s alright, I commit.

SC: You’re in my head, I was just going to ask, “But what do you do when you have to go?” You just never go, don’t drink anything.

PC: God is just like take it all off and be okay with it!

SC: Are we back to the naked binge?

PC: But lock the bathroom door! Because you’re not gonna want someone to walk in on you when you’re wearing a jumpsuit and peeing.

SC: No, not at all! Priyanka, it was great seeing you again. Tell your mother, “I’m sorry!”

PC: I’ll apologize to her from you, Reshma.

SC: She’ll never find me.

PC: Bye hon, (laughs), chat soon.

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