Priyanka Chopra Puts a Surprising Spin on the Monochromatic Trend

Lindsey Lanquist
Priyanka Chopra Puts a Surprising Spin on the Monochromatic Trend
Photo: Steven Ferdman/WireImage/Getty Images.

Our collective affinity for minimalism brought with it a desire to dress simply—to trade mixed-and-matched pieces for monochromatic ensembles, usually in some kind of neutral. Many of us became experts in assembling all-black-everything outfits, and others (namely, the Kardashians) perfected a kind of neon-on-neon aesthetic that felt vibrant and subdued all at once.

But 2018 has ushered in a kind of aesthetic change—on that straddles the line between maximalism and minimalism, landing somewhere in between. And Priyanka Chopra‘s latest look celebrates this gray area in all its glory.

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The actress recently stepped out in New York City wearing a turtleneck sweater, leather skirt, wool trench and leather booties—par for the course, as far as fall outfits go. But what set her look apart wasn’t its silhouette; instead, it was its palette.

The top half of Chopra’s look—the turtleneck and trench—came in the same shade of camel. And the bottom half—the leather skirt and leather booties—were rendered in a saturated red. In other words, Chopra coordinated the top half of her outfit and the bottom half of her outfit, but she didn’t match from head-to-toe.

gettyimages 1055481990 Priyanka Chopra Puts a Surprising Spin on the Monochromatic Trend

Raymond Hall/GC Images.

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This dichromatic approach offers a stark contrast to the monochromatism we’re used to seeing, but the shift feels distinctly contemporary. Two years ago, we were all about hygge (more, more, more). Last year, we were about paring down to the basics. And now, we’ve entered lagom territory. We’re want to find the “just right” between the “too hot” and “too cold,” and Chopra’s look offers us a way to do that.

Is two-tone the new one-tone? Chopra has us convince it just might be. Now please excuse us while we peruse our closets for tops that match our go-to trenches (and shoes that match our favorite skirts).