Private Practice Episode Preview with Amy Brenneman


For all of you who have yet to tune into Private Practice (and for the loyal viewers who love a good recap) here’s a bit of what you missed on last season’s finale, but please brace yourself because it’s pretty disturbing:

Dr. Violet Turner, played by the lovely Amy Brenneman, is left bleeding to death because of an unspeakable crime, performed by none other than her former patient-turned-psycho-baby-stealer, Katie. She injects Violet with foreign drugs she ordered off the Internet and then literally takes the baby out of the Violet’s pregnant belly. Without going into the graphic details of how this is performed, we’re sure you get the picture. And If not, click here to watch the horrific scene for yourself.

Brenneman however, was actually excited about the scene: umm what? Why? How? We’ll never understand the logic behind her excitement. To help clarify, she explains , “Because I knew Katie was going to come back and actress Amanda Foreman is just brilliant. I also loved the idea that dramatically, when ambivalent Violet seems to finally have this moment of peaceful clarity, it’s snatched away.”

The season premiere picks up 20 minutes later, so prepare yourself for some intense damage done to Dr. Violet. Combine this with a love triangle and you’ve got a modern soap opera lover’s dream TV show. We’re not so sure if we can stomach much more after last season, but may just have to tune into ABC tonight at 10 PM to find out what happens next to the beloved Violet.