Talking Ripped Jeans, Emoji, and Crunchy Ice Cream with an Actual Princess

princess tatiana greece denmark qa1 Talking Ripped Jeans, Emoji, and Crunchy Ice Cream with an Actual Princess

While I can’t admit to being a huge royal-family fan beyond appreciating Kate Middleton’s hair, I think we can all agree that it’s bad form to pass up an opportunity to meet an actual princess. So, when Her Royal Highness Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark visited New York to promote her new cookbook, A Taste of Greece, I willingly obliged.

After a little digging, I discovered she was an events planner for Diane von Furstenberg before marrying Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, son of King Constantine II of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, who reigned over the country until 1973, when the monarchy was abolished—she also wears an actual crown 👑  to some events. She shared a few other surprising things, including her thoughts about Justin Bieber, the emoji she uses most, her middle name (yep, it gets even longer!), and her first celebrity crush. Keep scrolling to learn 21 random facts about an actual princess. 

What’s your middle name?

What would make up your last meal?
Pabellon and arepas con queso blanco.

What’s your most-used emoji?
Prayer hands 🙏.

What’s the last book you read?

North of Ithaka by Eleni Gage.

Your idea of happiness?
Switching off, preparing dinner, and getting cozy at home with my husband and dog to watch a TV show!

Your idea of hell on earth?

First celebrity crush?
Matthew McConaughey.

Prince Nikolaos of Greece (R) and Princess Tatiana of Greece

Here she is with her husband, the prince, wearing an actual crown. (Getty Images)

Wine or beer?

Favorite piece of clothing you own?
J Brand Love Story blue jeans—they’re ripped and overwashed.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
I like to things with a crunch—so if I eat ice cream, I always add nuts, chocolate chips, salted caramel chunks and eat it out of a cone, not a cup.

Her Royal Highness Princess Tatiana of Greece & Denmark

Kate Middleton would never wear pants that cool. (Getty Images)

Snapchat: Love it or hate it?
Don’t use it.

What mascara do you use?
Kiko and Chantecaille.

Favorite ’80s song?
“Africa” song by Toto.

What’s your greatest virtue?

I let my friends answer that!

What’s something, in general, you find really, really annoying?
Bad smells and too much perfume.

How do you take your coffee?
Depends on my mood and needs! Black, blended with coconut oil or for comfort a hot almond milk latte!

Favorite movie of all time?

What was your first concert?

What’s the first word you associate with Justin Bieber?

What lipstick do you use?
I only use gloss, Clarins Instant Light.

What’s your favorite swear word/curse?
I am not going to tell you!