Prince. WTF?


This news is a little dated but ohmigod. I have to share this bit of news from NY Mag:

Jafar from Aladdin Prince is apparently turning all of his attention to Tony Award winning Karen Olivo from Broadway’s West Side Story. Prince went crazy for Olivo after seeing her on television at the award ceremony and set out to win her heart. Using all of his influence to track which after party Olivo was attending, Prince arrived and declared his intentions to see West Side Story from the balcony. He’s also bought the twenty tickets surrounding his seat so no one can sit near him.

Wow. So much crazy in one little post.

Does anyone else imagine Prince sitting in a purple bathrobe and purple slippers in a purple room with purple shag carpeting watching Olivo accept her award at the Tonys before being riled to his feet– knocking over his plum martini in the process– announcing, “I must have her!!!”

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