Apparently, Prince William Is ‘Furious’ With Prince Harry Over That Revealing Documentary

Prince William & Prince Harry
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If there wasn’t a rift before, there may be now — Prince William is reportedly ‘furious’ at Prince Harry following the candid ITV documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey. In what is being hailed as the most revealing royal interview since the princes’ mother, the late Princess Diana, spoke to the BBC in 1995, Harry discussed everything from his relationship with his brother to his mental health struggles. And according to a royal source, William isn’t happy with how much his little brother made public.

Although the scope of the interview is wide-reaching, two points, in particular, have apparently sparked William’s indignation. First, there was the matter of Harry directly addressing the rumored rift with his brother, saying, “We’re certainly on different paths t the moment but I will always be there for him and I know he’ll always be there for me.” Harry admitted that the siblings have “good days” and “bad days.” Harry also discussed at length his mental health and the continued ill effects of grappling with his mother’s 1997 death.

Per BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond, a “well-placed source” told the outlet that William was “furious” with Harry for being so frank about issues within the royal family. The source also predicted that the relationship between the two is “irreparably changed” and will “sour further” now that their households have officially split.

Tom Bradby, the interviewer behind the ITV documentary, told Good Morning America after the documentary aired noted that Harry and William have “entirely different parallel narratives” regarding their mother’s death. He also pointed out that William looks at the press in a more traditional light, while Harry and Meghan are “trying to do things differently.”

BBC isn’t the only outlet quoting sources who say there’s turmoil in the royal family following Harry and Meghan’s candid interview. However, the reports aren’t all rooted in anger. Another source from Buckingham Place reportedly told BBC that William was clearly more “worried” about his brother than anything else, and that he felt Harry and Meghan were “in a fragile place” but hoped they “are all right.”

Phil Dampier, author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan In Their Own Wordsechoed a sense of concern (albeit seemingly more image-driven) to The Scotsman, saying, “There’s no doubt the Queen and other royals are very worried about the direction Harry and Meghan are taking and it’s very serious.”

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