Prince William’s Alleged Mistress Might Have Made Up Those Cheating Rumors & Yikes

Aramide Tinubu
Prince William and Kate Middleton
Photo: Shutterstock.

Well, just when you thought that those royal affair rumors couldn’t get any more insane, we have news for you! There are claims that Rose Hanbury made up those Prince William cheating rumors –maybe. So WTF is going on?! Let us explain. Back in April just before Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eight wedding anniversary, rumors sparked that the duchess had a massive falling out with one of her best friends, Rose Hanbury.

Though the women had been friends for years, with the Cambridge’s country home, very close the Marchioness and the Marquess of Cholmondeley’s home, Houghton Hall, word on the street (and by street we mean Twitter) was that the duchess randomly asked William to freeze Hanbury and her husband, David, out of their friend group.

This immediately raised eyebrows. Almost instantly, royal commentators and journalists began commenting on the alleged fallout. Once U.K. journalist Giles Coren jumped in the ring with unsubstantiated claims of an affair between Hanbury and William, all hell broke loose. The Cambridge and the Cholmondeleys quickly clapped back–threatening to sue The Sun for running with the story. However, journalists like Nicole Cliffe were convinced that the reason why the royals were so keen to threaten legal action was that there is some truth to these allegations.  However, since then–there has been no further evidence of an affair.

Now that these rumors have died down a bit, there are whispers that Hanbury allegedly made this all up. But why?

Royals certainly aren’t strangers to affairs, and even Prince William doesn’t have a squeaky clean past. However, royal fans are loyal so they’ve named Hanbury as the culprit behind all of this drama. Like the Cambridges, the former model has refused to comment on the allegations. However, British magazine Tatler just announced that Hanbury and her husband are hosting an art exhibition this summer at their home. This move could either be interpreted as a declaration of innocence or that Hanbury DGAF what anyone thinks.

To be honest, we think Meghan Markle was out on maternity leave, so the British Press needed someone else to drag through the wringer. After all, despite all of this drama and the legal threats, this alleged tryst has been underreported in the British media, and there still isn’t a shred of evidence to support that any affair actually happened.

We bet if Prince William and Kate Middleton attend Hanbury’s swanky art show, we’ll really have something to talk about.